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Real Life & Business English

Learn how to use English in everyday situations, like conversations, phoning, writing, and business English.

Top 3 Articles in Business English

How to write better English

Writing a holiday postcard

Learning English with television

More Business English help

10 Phrases to Use With Work Colleagues

How to Get a Pay Raise

Applying for a job in English

Rights and responsibilities at work

How to say what’s important in a job interview

Vocabulary and phrases for making presentations in English

Making English presentations

Describing Trends in English

Getting the most out of meetings

Chairing international meetings

Talking about your company

How to Arrange a Meeting at Work

Making appointments

Negotiating in English

Banking vocabulary

Managing your house in English

English Vocabulary: Joining a gym

How to make a booking in English

Asking for directions in English

Restaurant English

Shopping vocabulary

Telephoning in English

Writing Skills

10 Common English Errors to Avoid

10 Tips for Perfect Report Writing

Effective business writing

How to write an email

Writing a business letter

How to start and end a business letter or email

Improving your English punctuation

How to write politely

How to write a summary

Writing “Thank You” letters and emails

Writing invitations and responding

How to use abbreviations

Office correspondence

Writing meeting minutes

Writing email auto responders

Writing a letter to the bank

How to Write a Letter or Email to your Boss

Business letter writing: Mrs. Miss or Ms?

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jose sergio de sousa
i liked this courseSdsSérgio
It's extremely useful, I like it very much.
Dattatray Lade
I am so glad being part of this site for improving my English skills
it s so helpful, thanks in advance
It is very helpful and with this site I can improve my skills.
LiTeila TM
Very helpful, thanks a lot
I like this course
very good
Fantastic,a rich site to be introduced to my learners at company for further practice.
Thank you so much for this. This leasons are very helpful, am glad to fine this site to learn english.
arti sharma
thank u

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