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New English lessons!

English Phrases With Never

Advanced Speaking: Talking About Possibility

Learn 10 Telephoning Phrasal Verbs

Speaking exercises

Stay Neutral in an Argument – 10 Phrases

Pronunciation Exercise: Silent “b” in words

Pronunciation Exercise: Silent “w” in words

Everyday English Phrases

Starting a Conversation

English Conversation: Typical Replies

Phrases for Polite English

Speaking Exercise: English Pubs

Speaking Exercise: Talking about future plans

Speaking Exercise: Small talk about the news

Speaking Exercise: Saying you don’t understand

Speaking Exercise: English conversation about food

Speaking Exercise: Understanding English speakers

Speaking Exercise: Small talk

Speaking Exercise: How to say “no” at work

Speaking Exercise: Making dates

Speaking Exercise: Meeting people

Speaking Exercise: Agreeing and disagreeing

Speaking Exercise: Helping people

Speaking Exercise: Classroom language

Speaking Exercise: Ending a conversation

Speaking Exercise: Saying yes and no

Speaking Exercise: Complaining at a hotel

Speaking Exercise: Making appointments

Speaking Exercise: What to say in special situations

Speaking Exercise: Greetings and Introductions

Vocabulary exercises

Collocations Quiz: Test Your Vocabulary

Phone Collocations in English

English Expressions with You

British English Idioms for Describing People

Memory and Vocabulary Collocations

Vocabulary Exercise: Describing people

Vocabulary Exercise: Travel phrasal verbs

Vocabulary Exercise: Verbs with body idioms

Vocabulary Exercise: Body verbs

Vocabulary Exercise: Emotion collocations

Vocabulary Exercise: Compound nouns – Clothing

Vocabulary Exercise: Summer holidays

Vocabulary Exercise: Books and reading

Vocabulary Exercise: Synonyms

Vocabulary Exercise: Word formation

Vocabulary Exercise: Say, tell, speak, talk

Vocabulary Exercise: Personal grooming and hygiene

Vocabulary Exercise: Adjectives and nouns

Common verb-noun collocations in English

Vocabulary Exercise: Talking about your family

Vocabulary Exercise: Word building

Grammar exercises

Grammar Exercise: Has and Had

Grammar Exercise: Connecting words

Grammar Exercise: Indirect questions at work

Grammar Exercise: When, while, as, during

Grammar Exercise: Been or Gone?

Grammar Exercise: A/an or One?

Grammar Exercise: Past Simple and Past Continuous

Grammar Exercise: Past modals

Grammar Exercise: Much, many, more, very

Grammar Exercise: Can, Have to

Grammar Exercise: Ing and Ed Adjectives

Grammar Exercise: Either and neither

Grammar Exercise: Short questions

Grammar Exercise: Adverbs

Grammar Exercise: Past Perfect and Past Simple

Grammar Exercise: Future forms

Grammar Exercise: Time words

Grammar Exercise: Prepositions of location and direction

Grammar Exercise: Prepositions and adjectives

Grammar Exercise: Comparatives

Grammar Exercise: Quantifiers

Grammar Exercise: Some, Any, No, A

English grammar exercises

Other exercises

Write a CV: How to Use Powerful Verbs

Phrases for Business Letters and Emails

Writing Exercise: English punctuation

Learning English through video

Speaking about rules and regulations

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