Become a CONFIDENT English speaker!

If speaking English makes you feel anxious or stressed, this workshop to speak English easily is for you.

The workshop will help you to:

– Go from feeling FEAR to feeling FREE when you speak English
– Become PROUD of your English so you feel comfortable speaking in every situation
– Get the CONFIDENCE you need for quicker fluency in English

The workshop is on Wednesday 11 October and it takes place on Zoom.

It costs just $10, and for this you get
– the workshop slides, recording and workbook
– my personal help
– strategies & mindset training to become confident and fluent

Join the workshop here!

Workshop: Become A Confident English Speaker

Feel more comfortable in English so you can speak in every situation without fear or embarrassment. The $10 cost includes: – access to the workshop (I’ll email you the link to the workshop after you pay) – the slides, recording & workbook – my personal help & suggestions Secure payment is via Paypal / debit or credit card. Click the Payment / card link below to join the workshop.