Month: February 2019

English Expressions With In

Prepositions cause a lot of problems for learners of English. It’s not always obvious which preposition you should use in an expression – and very often the preposition you’d use in your language is NOT the same in English. So in this blog post, I’ve divided some common English phrases with “in” into categories to… Read More

English Phrases With Mad

Often, we use the word “mad” not to mean mentally ill, but when we think something (or someone) is a little unbalanced. We also use it to comment on things that we don’t understand or which seem illogical to us. “Mad” is often used informally and in spoken English. barking (barking mad) Dogs bark at… Read More

Natural English Adjectives

Have you noticed how many adjectives end in -y? It’s really natural for native English speakers to turn a word into an adjective just by adding a ‘y’ to the end – particulary in spoken and informal English. In this way, you can make what you say more descriptive and vivid. Here are a couple… Read More