Month: April 2019

How To Be More Confident In English

Do you feel blocked when you speak English? Are you worried about making a mistake? Often, if you start thinking about all the possible things that go wrong, you don’t say anything. After all, nobody wants to make a mistake. But there are two things that will help you feel more confident when you speak.… Read More

British English Slang – Say “No”

Slang expressions are difficult to learn – and they can also go out of fashion quickly. But these British English slang expressions for saying “no” to a request are common – and you’ll probably hear them often in conversations. Even if you don’t use them, they’re important to understand. Like lots of slang, the pronunciation… Read More

How To Talk About Change

Imagine the situation. You’re at a concert and the fans are waiting for the singer to come onto the stage. When the singer finally arrives on stage, how do the fans react? Or you want to describe an older man who’s gradually losing his hair, or someone whose hair is no longer black or brown…… Read More

6 British English Greetings For Strangers

What do British English speakers really say when they greet people they don’t know? Here are some common ways we talk and greet each other. (They’re so common I heard them all in the space of an hour in my local town!) Warning – You probably won’t find these in any text book! Darling “Sorry… Read More

Easy Phrases To Make Criticisms In English

It’s difficult to make a comment about a past action or situation in English, as often you need to use complex grammar. By the time you remember the structure and the rule, and then think about your reply, the conversation has moved on. But there is an easier way. Here are some “fixed phrases” that… Read More