Month: May 2019

10 Political Words In English

So we’ve just had the European elections and the results are in. Great news for some political parties – and terrible news for the other parties! Here’s a guide to 10 essential words you need to know to talk about politics in English. Voters These are the people who vote. (Vote = put a X… Read More

How To Understand English Phone Calls

Phone calls can be difficult because you can’t see the other person. But they’re also difficult because we often use phrasal verbs in English phone calls. Here are ten common phrasal verbs which will help you understand the other person – and sound more natural – when you’re on the phone. Put someone through This… Read More

Native English Phrases With Never

We don’t just use “never” to mean “at no time”. There are many more native English phrases with “never” which you can use to sound more natural when you speak English. Here are ten to get you started. Learning tip: choose one that you like and start using it in conversation. When you’ve mastered one,… Read More