Month: June 2019

5 Phrases To Say Goodbye In English

Do you only say “Bye” or “See you later” when you leave people? In fact there are many other ways that British English speakers say “goodbye”. Here are five common phrases that we use with family and friends in different situations. These aren’t formal phrases, and we use them instead of “goodbye”. My tip: start… Read More

5 Ways To Say You Don’t Understand

You can say “I don’t understand” when someone tries to explain a process to you, or when you’re commenting on a situation. But there are also other common native English expressions you can use. Here are five new expressions for you. Practise one at a time until you feel confident, then move on to the… Read More

Holiday English – Phrasal Verbs

When you talk about your holiday, sound more natural by using phrasal verbs. They make you sound less formal and more like a native speaker. Here are 15 very common phrasal verbs to talk about travel. Make sure you can understand and use them in your conversations. Holiday Travel check in (to a hotel /… Read More