Month: February 2020

Advanced Phrases For Making Suggestions

You probably know the common ways to make suggestions or give advice. Check out this page for a refresher on how to use “If I were you”, “You should”, “You ought to”, etc. But native-English speakers use many more phrases for suggestions. Here are seven advanced phrases for you to try. There’s also a section… Read More

4 Simple Question Types In English

The grammar of English questions is quite complicated. It’s difficult to remember which auxiliary verb you need – or then to get the right word order. This isn’t easy in situations when you have time to think – for example, when you’re writing. But when you’re speaking to someone, there’s even less time. One solution… Read More

The Best Method To Speak English Fluently

Most people start learning English at school – but even after years of study they still aren’t fluent. Why is this? Is there a better method to become fluent? Most of what you learn in typical English lessons doesn’t help you with fluency. It can help with passing exams and tests, but there are other… Read More

The 4 Stages Of Learning English

There are four stages of learning English – and each one is an important stage in the journey. Where are you on your English journey? Do you feel that you are at the beginning, where you only use certain, “sure” phrases or vocabulary? Or are you in a learning stage, where you’re happy to experiment,… Read More