Month: April 2020

21 Phrasal Verbs For Activities

What activities can you do to stay sane during these times – and how can you talk about these activities naturally? Here are six things that you can do to stay calm, focussed and productive while you’re in lockdown, or quarantine. Check out the phrasal verbs for these activities as well – when you use… Read More

The Present Perfect Tense – Quick Review

This tense causes maybe the most problems in English. It’s very easy to confuse it with other tenses – particularly the Past Simple and the Present Continuous. So if you aren’t sure which tense to use, this quick review can help. The Present Perfect is a present tense Because we use the Present Perfect to… Read More

Animals In British Culture

Animals represent different things in British culture, and we use them as symbols in advertising, films and television. Here’s a list of seven popular animals in British culture – and an explanation of what they mean to native speakers. The Easter Bunny “Bunny” is a popular word for “rabbit”, and we often say “bunny rabbit”… Read More