Month: May 2020

4 Ways That Repetition Leads To Perfection

How long does it take to really know something or learn something? One way to get good at something is to do it more than once. Repetition leads to “perfection” – or at least, great improvement. It’s the same with learning English. If you want to remember a word, or get more fluent, repeated practice… Read More

10 Famous Movie Quotes

Sometimes, a “line” from a film becomes very popular and then everyone starts saying it. Here are ten famous film and movie quotes that have become “catchphrases” – phrases that you hear a lot in conversations. The quotes are from both classic (old) and newer films. Famous Movie Quotes Play it again, Sam. (Casablanca, 1942)In… Read More

12 Nouns With “Down”

English is a very flexible language, and one of the things we can do is to create nouns from verbs (and verbs from nouns!) See here for 25 common phrasal nouns. In this post, I’ve got twelve nouns formed with “down”. Be careful of the spelling – some of these nouns use hyphens. Nouns With… Read More

3 Common Modal Auxiliary Verbs

We use modal auxiliary verbs all the time in English. They’re simple ways to change the “mood” of a sentence and to show how we feel about a situation. For a review of their uses and the grammar, see the page here. But in this post I want to highlight three common modal auxiliaries that… Read More