Month: August 2020

10 English Phrases To Talk About Extremes

One way to become a better and more interesting English speaker is to use a variety of words and phrases. Native speakers often use very descriptive phrases to add interest in conversations. In this lesson, there are ten English phrases to talk about extremes. You can use these expressions to talk about general life, but… Read More

Onomatopoeia Words For Summer

“Onomatopoeia” (pronounced “on-uh-mat-uh-pee-uh”) is when a word sounds like the word it describes. For example, a “moo” is the sound that a cow makes, while “bark” is the sound that a dog makes. We use onomatopoeia all the time when we speak English – but you don’t often find these words in textbooks. When you… Read More

Risk And Safety Idioms

How much risk do you take? Or do you prefer to play it safe? Here’s a list of the most common risk and safety idioms in English. You can use these to talk about your personal situation and decisions, your career and business, and also risk of physical danger. Risk Idioms You can use many… Read More