Month: February 2021

3 Rules For Speaking In Group Conversations

Often, it’s more difficult to speak in a group of people who also speak English as a foreign language, than it is to speak in a group of native English speakers. Why is this? Perhaps because it’s more difficult to understand different accents, or perhaps because some people feel less confident about their English. However,… Read More

Advanced Phrases – Replying To Greetings

When people ask us “How are you?” we often reply with a standard phrase like “Fine thanks, and you?” But what if you aren’t OK? What if you want to use a more advanced phrase when you reply to greetings? Here are ten other natural phrases to say how you are – plus a fun… Read More

English Verbs With Preposition ‘In’

To make sure that your grammar is correct, you should know which preposition to use with verbs. Verbs can be followed by various prepositions, such as “on”, “in”,”for”, etc. However, the preposition you use for a verb in your language might not be the same as the preposition used in English. Here’s a list of… Read More