Month: July 2021

Quick English Summer Activities

When it’s hot and you want to relax, learning English might be the last thing you want to do! And while it’s true that taking a break is good for your brain and memory, you don’t want to lose everything you’ve learnt! So, a good way to maintain your English is through quick activities that… Read More

English Word Patterns

The way we pronounce English words is often different from how words are spelt. A good example is the -ough ending, pronounced differently in the words “though”, “thought” and “tough”. But there are also some common word patterns in English. When you know these patterns, you can expand your vocabulary and also improve your spelling… Read More

How To Be Cute In English – Using Diminutives

There are many ways to speak English. You can speak “professional” English and use words and phrases which are suitable for work. You can also speak “cute” English, and use words and phrases which show affection and familiarity. When we want to be cute in English, we often use “diminutives”: a form of the word… Read More