Month: August 2021

English Speaking: Phrases With ‘Word’

In English, many words have more than one meaning. A great way to get to advanced level – in both your vocabulary and speaking – is to start using these words in their different ways. For example, there are many speaking phrases with “word”. You can use these phrases to talk about conversations and communication… Read More

The Best Way To Learn English At Advanced Level

When you’re at upper-intermediate or advanced level (B2 and above), you already know a lot of English. You can have a conversation, read easily and understand other people speaking in English. Probably the methods you used to get to this level were structured. For example, many people study English through a series of coursebooks with… Read More

The Great British Summer

Do you want to know how we spend our summers? Read on for some great English vocabulary and phrases all about the summer hols. (= holidays) Words in bold have quick explanations to help you understand them. Summer Holiday Destinations Summer hols (= holidays) start at the end of July, when schools break up (=… Read More