Month: September 2021

Going To Or Present Continuous?

There are lots of ways to talk about the future in English, so which one do you choose? Many times you can use more than one way – and you’ll still be grammatically correct. But there are some changes in meaning and focus. Read on to get a clever hack to know when to use… Read More

3 Grammar Problems You Should Fix

What stops you from getting an advanced English grammar? Sometimes, it can be a major area of grammar, like conditionals or tenses. But sometimes, it can be a smaller thing, which is more easily fixed. Here are three grammar problems that are common at advanced level, but which you can correct so that you speak… Read More

Non-Standard English Grammar

If you’ve ever heard British English speakers say something that you know is wrong, it could be because they’re using non-standard English grammar. This is the grammar that people use when they speak – but which is considered to be incorrect. Sometimes it comes from a regional dialect, and sometimes it happens because grammar rules… Read More