Month: October 2021

3 Ways That Great English Helps Your Career

If you work in English, manage teams in English, or do deals, meetings and presentations in English, then you’ll know that your level of English will influence your career. It isn’t just that a good level of English helps you write emails or read industry publications. Great English helps you in other, invisible ways. Here… Read More

How To Use Reflexive Pronouns

We use reflexive pronouns (myself / yourself / himself / herself / itself / ourselves / yourselves / themselves) when the subject and the object of a verb are the same. For example, “She taught herself a few words of French”, or “Do yourself a favour and apply for the job early”. Read on to… Read More

5 Simple Rules For Accurate Grammar

The ‘problem’ with English grammar isn’t that it’s very complex or difficult – at least, compared to some other languages. The problem is that there are always lots of little rules – and many, many exceptions. So how do you deal with this problem? You have two choices:– study a grammar textbook, memorise the rules,… Read More