Month: November 2021

The 4 Types Of Mistakes In English

When you’re learning a new language, you will make mistakes. Obviously, you make a lot of mistakes when you first start learning, but even advanced learners still make mistakes. But not all mistakes are important. In fact, some mistakes are helpful. Read on to find out which mistakes you should be concerned about, and which… Read More

Articles: How To Choose A / An, The, Zero

English articles can be really difficult in English. Even if your first language has articles, the rules for English are often different. How do you choose when to use a/an, the, or zero (no) article? In the video training below, I share some simple rules for choosing articles, so that you can feel more confident… Read More

Infinitve Or Gerund?

How do you know if a verb is followed by the infinitive or by the gerund? For example is it “He admitted to make the mistake” or “He admitted making the mistake”? Do you have to remember each verb separately, or is there an easier way? In this new video, I share a way to… Read More

4 Areas To Focus On For Advanced English

When you first started learning English, could you predict what would be difficult for you? Did you think it would be tenses, or articles, or even pronunciation? This lesson is inspired by the experiences of an English speaker learning French, who found some areas were unexpectedly difficult. Some of these are also true for learning… Read More