Month: January 2022

How To Use ‘Actually’ Correctly

You can use the word actually in many ways in English, but you can’t use it to mean “now”. The word actually doesn’t mean “currently” or “at present”. Instead, it’s used when we give information. Here are the five uses of actually, along with synonyms. How to use ‘actually’ 1. To talk about things which… Read More

My Top Choices For Netflix – January 2022

There’s always something new to enjoy on Netflix – whether it’s their own production or a classic added to their library. This month I’ve got three recommendations (one new, two old) which are perfect for learning and enjoying English. Netflix – January 2022 Stay Close (Netflix Original)I love a good mystery / thriller, and this… Read More

7 Advanced Ways To Say Hello In English

When you meet people you know, you have many more ways of saying ‘hello’. Here are some common greetings which you can use in different situations. These phrases will make you sound more natural in English conversations. Advanced Ways To Say Hello How lovely to see you again!This is a great way to greet someone… Read More