Confident Interviews

If you want to succeed in an English interview, this 3-week speaking program is for you!

* Learn how to answer the most common interview questions confidently & fluently
* Get personalised feedback on your interview answers and speaking
* Be ready for your next job in January!

How the program works

Each week I send you TWO questions to answer. These questions are typical interview questions.

For each question you get:
– suggestions for answering (what you should talk about)
– my example answer

You send me your answer through Telegram, a voice app on your phone / PC. Then I send you my suggestions and feedback. (I’ll give you instructions for using Telegram.)

How much time you’ll need

The advantage of this program is that it’s completely flexible. I’ll email you the question twice a week, and then you send me your recording at any time you want!

– Download the question / listen to my example when you have time
– Reply when you’re ready (in the morning / during lunch / after your dinner – it’s up to you!)
– Listen to my feedback when you have time

How long for each question? Expect to spend:

* 5 minutes to listen to my example
* 15 minutes to think about your answer and to send me your voice recording
* 5 minutes to listen to my feedback & make any changes to your answer

TOTAL: 25 minutes for each question, or 50 minutes every week.

Who the program is for

The program is for you if you want a job where you need to speak English. Because I show you the principles of answering interview questions, it’s useful for all industries and roles.

The starting date

January is a good time to apply for new jobs, so we’re starting the program at the end of December.

Program dates: Wednesday December 27 2023 to Wednesday 17 January 2024.

What you’ll get from the program

* You’ll know how to answer interview questions – both the ‘easy’ questions and the unexpected questions.

* You’ll be able to talk about your career stories confidently so that people want to give you the job

* You’ll feel ready – and even excited – to start applying for your next job!

Join the program now!

You’ll get an early-bird discount. The price of this program goes up on Decembr 10.


Confident Interviews – Speaking Program

A 3-week speaking program through Telegram and email. – Answer questions confidently and fluently – Get personalised feedback on your interview questions – Suitable for ALL industries and roles