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The English program that helps you have great conversations is now open for registration!

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The “English In The News” Program

A brand-new program to help you speak confidently!

“English In The News” is designed to help YOU speak confidently, improve your work and personal relationships, and show your personality in English.

Using recent news stories that I choose for you – and with complete vocabulary explanations and audio – you’ll be able to:

always have something to talk about with friends and colleagues

make interesting, intelligent comments with up-to-date vocabulary

show YOUR personality in English

move the conversation on to other subjects that YOU want to talk about

The ability to have interesting conversations helps you improve relationships – and helps you be more confident in English.

Speak Confidently With The Conversation STAR Method

Conversation STAR Method

The Conversation Star Method is my 4-step program to help you get confident in English.



Read and summarise a news article I send you, using up-to-date vocabulary and phrases.



Using the voice recorder on your phone, give your summary – AND your opinion / comment – then email it to me.



I’ll record and send you personal feedback and suggestions on your speaking.


Repeat / Relax

You can now either repeat your summary and recording and send it to me again for more feedback – or relax, because you know you’ve done a great job!

Why Does This Method Work?

This method works because YOU have the opportunity to summarise and record as many times as you need.

So …. this makes you MORE fluent, and MORE confident when you speak.

You can also perfect your conversation skills. Use the phrases I send you to comment, reply and move the conversation on to other topics!

Confident Conversations In 3 Weeks

Starting on Monday 16 September and for three weeks, I’ll send you a complete lesson three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Your complete lesson includes:

* a recent news story
* complete vocabulary explanations
* audio of the vocabulary
* conversation phrases (to make comments, give your opinion, move the conversation on, etc)

Summarise the news story in your own words (using the new vocabulary) and record your summary and your opinion using the voice recorder on your phone (or your PC).

Email me your recording, and I’ll record and send you feedback on your English – grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation AND your comments and opinion.

Repeat this as many times as you want – you get unlimited 1-1 support and feedback.

What Makes This Program So Valuable?

This program is designed around two key principles to help you get the best results:


Repeated practice

It’s hard to summarise at first. But when you do it for the second or third time, you’ll notice that you become more fluent and you’ll be able to speak more confidently.

You’ll be able to give your opinion on recent events more naturally as well – which makes you an interesting conversation partner.


Unlimited personal feedback

Every time you send me a recording, I’ll send you back (audio) feedback. That’s my guarantee to you.

Because you work exclusively with me – and no other teacher – I’m able to help you develop your speaking fluency and confidence. I’ll tell you where you’re making progress and where you need to concentrate your efforts.

This 1-1 support is like having a personal tutor!

3 Keys To Confident Speaking


Work when YOU want. You can send me your recordings at any time that’s good for you.


Get as much feedback as you want. You have 100% access to me during the three weeks.


Repeated practice + personal feedback = great results.


Because we work very closely together, and you get FULL access to me, places on this program are limited.

3 complete lessons for 3 weeks
full vocabulary explanations (and audio for pronunciation)
unlimited feedback and access to me

The value you get is priceless…

you’ll always have something to say in conversations
you’ll be able to talk intelligently and interestingly
you’ll improve your confidence in English
you’ll be able to show your personality in English

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