June 2022 ‘Learn English Together 2022’

Come to a three-day English fluency event! It takes place online, and you can also get gifts and bonuses to help you with your English speaking and conversation.

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Discover your path to English fluency

If you’ve felt ‘stuck’ with English, ‘Learn English Together’ will help you. You’ll get:
– ways to improve your English
– help to find other people to practise English with
– ideas to feel more inspired with English

If you’re a parent, there are also sessions that help you teach and support your children with their English.

How and where to join

The event takes place from June 23 – June 25. Every day you can attend seven different sessions to help you with confidence, fluency, better learning, building English communities, and more!

The event is completely free, and you can get your ticket here.

You can also join the private Facebook group to connect with other participants and with the speakers.

All-Access Pass

But, there are some fabulous bonuses as well. When you buy the all-access pass, you get:
– access to all 21 sessions for a complete year (come back and watch the sessions whenever you want)
– gifts and bonuses (some are limited, so get your pass now!)

Each speaker is offering something. Get discounts, free sessions, learning resources and other gifts worth $500 when you buy the all-access pass. This pass costs you just $30 and you can get it here:
The All-Access Pass
(I earn a small commission when you buy the All-Access Pass.)

Come and see my brand-new talk!

I’m giving a brand-new talk on ‘How To Get Confident In English’. This talk is for you if you don’t feel confident speaking. I’ll show you ways to increase your confidence so that you speak English more easily and more naturally. You can start using most of these tips immediately to make a difference to your English!

As a bonus, you also get a 20% discount to my program ‘Advanced English Speaking In 100 Steps’ when you get the All-Access Pass.