What’s New For 2022

I started 2022 thinking about you and your English. I tried to imagine how it feels to learn English, with all the stresses of a busy life.

So I thought about how to help you more this year. How can I support you in your English goals so you can get results quickly and easily?

What should I continue doing, and what new things would also help?

These are my ideas – but please do feel free to comment! (You can contact me at the bottom of this page.)

Things I’m continuing from 2021

1.More interaction in courses and programs
In 2021 I created two more programs for advanced English:
Advanced English Speaking In 100 Steps (advanced speaking)
The 10 Steps For Advanced English (advanced grammar)

Neither of these programs are “traditional” courses. The speaking one gives you a 100-step checklist (the world’s first) while the grammar one is much more interactive. In fact, you can leave a question and I’ll answer it. This interaction has been really popular, so I’m going to make it a part of all my self-study programs this year.

Even if a lesson is clear and understandable, you almost always have a question. That’s completely natural. So rather than having to go and find an answer somewhere in books or on the internet, it makes sense to ask it directly. Of course, it’s a little more expensive than the purely self-study courses, but not much more!

2. More help with mindset
In 2021 I posted much more regularly on my Instagram account. I like Instagram because I can combine beautiful photos of England with English coaching. I share tips, strategies and things to think about on your English journey, as well as more “behind the scenes” and photos of my everyday life. (There may be a few cat photos in there as well!)

Instagram gives me a way to communicate visually, which I love, so this is another thing I want to continue in 2022.
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New things for 2022

The new things for 2022 focus on you and how you can fit English in to a busy life. If we thought that Covid would make our days emptier, we were very wrong. 2020 and 2021 were all about doing 3x more than normal. Although Covid is more under control (for now), our lives are still crazy busy. Which means…
– you probably don’t have hours and hours to study English (you’re lucky if you even get 30 minutes a day!)
– your English study needs to get you results quickly
– your English study needs to fit in with your other commitments
– it should also be fun!

So this is what you can expect in 2022!

More YouTube videos
I stopped doing these regularly because they are time-consuming. But, because my videos are short, you get a lot of English learning in less than five minutes. Even if you already know what I’m teaching, it’s always helpful to hear and see it again. Watching a video can be more fun and less tiring than reading a page. You can expect a short video every week this year!
Check out my channel: english-at-home.com

A NEW pronunciation course
This will complete the 4-course series. (I’ve already published courses for Advanced Vocabulary, Advanced Speaking and Advanced Grammar.) The advanced pronunciation course will help you with all features of English pronunciation so that you feel more confident – and help you speak more fluently. There will be an interactive element to it as well, so that you can get feedback on your pronunciation.

A NEW podcast
When you only have a few minutes here and there to learn English, podcasts are a great solution. You can listen when you’re doing something else, like the housework or walking the dog! My focus is on coaching to get you to advanced level. So I’ll share strategies, tips and interviews to give you confidence and more self-belief!

NEW: Coaching
Get in touch with me if you want to get results faster. I love traditional teaching (that’s how I started) but very often, group classes centred on a textbook aren’t flexible enough for everybody’s needs. If you’ve got a presentation or interview (or another major event) coming up, but you feel stressed and under pressure, get in touch and I’ll help.

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