Personalised Pronunciation Coaching

Everybody has different pronunciation challenges – and often these depend on your first language. Maybe it’s a particular sound (like the /r/ sound, the schwa, or the /th/ sound. Maybe your voice sounds too “flat” or “robotic”, or you mispronounce longer words.

So it makes sense to focus on the main difficulties that YOU face with English pronunciation.

In ‘Personalised Pronunciation Coaching’ we reduce YOUR pronunciation mistakes, so that people can understand you better when you speak English.

A Two-Week Pronunciation Coaching Package

We start with a short speaking assessment.
You record yourself speaking in English and send the recording to me. I’ll analyse your speaking to identify the main pronunciation areas to work on.

2-week coaching
Each week, I’ll send you personalised exercises based on your speaking assessment:
We’ll also schedule a private 30-minute lesson in both weeks for 1-1 coaching and follow-up.

At the end of the coaching:
you’ll speak English more clearly – so that there are fewer misunderstandings
you’ll be more aware of the problem areas in pronunciation, so that you can continue to improve them
you’ll be more confident when you speak English

Full Program Details

You get:

  • the speaking assessment + personalised analysis (so you know exactly what to work on)
  • pronunciation drills and exercises each week (to help you eliminate mistakes)
  • two private 30-minute lessons with recording and notes (immediate feedback)

    Monday 21 June – 4 July. (Pre-Coaching with speaking assessment from 14 – 20 June.)

    Your investment in this personalised coaching is $55. To pay, please click the Buy Now button below. (Secure payment via Paypal.)

Spots are limited! Book now to reserve your place. I’ll then email you with your speaking assessment so that I can personalise your learning plan.