English In The News: 2-Week Speaking Program

The English program that helps you speak with authority and confidence is now open for registration!

Make sure you can talk about the biggest crisis in a generation with your colleagues, clients and friends. Base your conversation on facts and trusted opinion from the most respected newspaper in the UK.

A brand-new program to help you speak with authority

This program helps YOU speak confidently, using up-to-date vocabulary and news stories chosen from the most trusted and respected newspaper in the UK.

With complete vocabulary explanations and audio, you’ll be able to:

– talk with authority about the impact of Coronavirus on jobs, society and psychological well-being

– make interesting, intelligent comments based on trusted journalism and medical facts (not gossip or conspiracy theories)

– develop your reputation as a thoughtful, informed conversation partner

A unique four-step method to speak confidently

This program uses a simple, four-step method to help you speak easily and confidently.

1. Summarise

Read the article (or watch the video) and summarise, using up-to-date vocabulary and phrases.

2. Talk

Using the voice recorder on your phone, record your summary, then email it to me.

3. Analyse

I’ll record and send you personal feedback and suggestions on your speaking.

4. Repeat

You can now either repeat your summary and recording and send it to me again for more feedback – or relax, because you know you’ve done a great job!

This method works because YOU have the opportunity to summarise and record as many times as you need. This program helps you get the best results with two key features:

1. Repeated practice
When you practise your summary again and again, you become more fluent and you’ll be able to speak more confidently.

2. Unlimited personal feedback
Every time you send me a recording, I’ll send you back (audio) feedback. Because you work exclusively with me, I’m able to help you develop your speaking fluency and confidence. I’ll tell you where you’re making progress and where you can concentrate your efforts.

This 1-1 support is like having a personal tutor!


Places on this program are limited to the first 10 participants. The program includes:

2 complete lessons for 2 weeks (4 articles / video explaining the impact to the economy, jobs, society & psychological wellbeing)
full vocabulary explanations (with audio for pronunciation)
unlimited feedback and support from me
a wordlist of coronavirus-related vocabulary
AND – a bonus
– a one-hour LIVE follow-up session to practise your speaking

We start on Tuesday 14 April, and the program ends on Tuesday 28 April.

Program Fee: $49. Click the button below to pay securely via Paypal.

PS: I’ll send you the program materials to the email address you sign up with (on Paypal). Please make sure this is an active email address!