Welcome 2022!

Happy New Year to you! I hope you’ve had a great holiday and that you’re feeling refreshed and excited for what 2022 will bring you.

It’s been a difficult couple of years for all of us. The fact that you’re still here is cause for celebration! Just coming to this page to learn English when you have so many other priorities shows your dedication. Thank you for your trust in me.

My New Year’s gift to you

It’s important to celebrate our successes, and I hope you’ll celebrate your English successes with your free Reflection Journal.

In this journal I invite you to think about 2021 and all the things that you were happy about with your English. Then, think about where you want to focus your time with English in 2022. Finally, make sure you note down everything that goes well for you in 2022. You have two pages for this and I hope you fill them both!

Print the journal and keep it on your desk / study area so that you’ll never forget to write down the things you achieve. This will keep you motivated in 2022!

Download it here!