Speak English Fluently!

The secret for English fluency?
Use fluency phrases. These are phrases we use all the time when we speak. Phrases like “Can I have…?” or “Never mind!”

Use them again and again to build sentences. Get 10 free – now with the ‘Fast Phrase Finder’!


“I remembered your 10 phrases and I feel confident when I talk with friends. So thank you so much!“

How I can help you

Hi! I’m Clare, and I’m delighted that you’re here! Around 500,000 people visit this website every month, so you’re in great company!

If you want to improve your English speaking, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, or if you need English for your career, I can help!

I’m an English teacher with more than 20 years’ experience teaching people from around the world. I’ve learnt French and Italian – so I know how it feels to learn a language!

Clare helped me to prepare for a job interview in English, which I have successfully passed and moved forward in the hiring process! Very professional approach and one of the best English teachers I have ever had.” (Denis, Russia)

How long will it take to become fluent?

You CAN become a fluent speaker of English – especially if you can say “yes” to these three things:

* you already speak another language, or even two languages
* you really want and need to speak English
* you have 10 minutes a day to study

You’ll get the quickest results when you combine the right method with consistent practice.

Your lessons are always stimulating and every time I learn something new. It’s nice to talk to you, our conversation has become an essential appointment to improve my English.” (Giovanna, Italy)