English Courses And Programs

What’s the secret for speaking English more fluently?

Get the fluency phrases that native speakers use all the time!

These phrases help you build conversations easily. They help you

  • speak fluently (you don’t need to spend time finding the right word)
  • speak naturally (native speakers use these expressions all the time)

In my fluency programs, I share the most common phrases to use in everyday situations. When you use these phrases, you can have easy and fluent conversations.

Get the complete set of materials:

  • downloadable videos
  • audio conversations (copy my British English accent!)
  • text and PDF (full explanations and quick quizzes)
  • AND a private 30-minute lesson with me.

Choose the right fluency program for your level:

Two fluency programs to help you speak English more fluently

Speak Real English

Increase your speaking fluency and confidence in 10 everyday situations. Includes a personal lesson.
Find out more here.

Real English Conversations

More advanced vocabulary & phrases for English conversations. With a personal lesson.
Find out more here.

All included – Fantastic value!

When you join The English Fluency Club, you get both fluency programs (Speak Real English AND Real English Conversations) as well as regular speaking practice:

  • Weekly challenges in our private Facebook group + personal video feedback
  • 3 Live group lessons every month – improve your pronunciation, conversation and speaking
  • Exclusive extra video training to help you speak fluently and accurately
  • Fast Phrase Finder – the world’s first spreadsheet of 350+ phrases to use in everyday situations (exclusive to English Fluency Club members)

Join now and get a personal extra “welcome lesson” from me!

***New Advanced English Programs ***

These are the programs for you if you feel “stuck” at intermediate level, but need to get to advanced level fast, so that you can speak English confidently and accurately. They’re ideal for you if you
need self-study programs because of your schedule
want to see quick results

NEW: The 10 Steps For Advanced English
Go from intermediate to advanced level – without studying lots of grammar.
Get the rules, guidelines and patterns that help you speak confidently, fluently – and accurately, so that you don’t have to memorise rules and exceptions to the rules.
Also included: unlimited access to your personal ‘Grammar Tutor’. Ask me as many questions as you like, and I’ll give you a personalised reply.

Advanced English Vocabulary In 30 Days
This is the ONLY system that uses the Triple “A” (‘AAA’) method to give you short, 20-minute lessons.
The best part?
This system works even if you’ve been at intermediate level for years and if you only have a few minutes every day to study English.
Also included: memorisation techniques, vocabulary expansion strategies + full study guide.

Advanced English Speaking In 100 Steps
This is the FIRST speaking program that gives you a 100-Step Checklist with all the phrases, conversation skills, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to take you to advanced speaking level.
It works even if you don’t have the opportunity to speak English every day.
Also included: 2 study guides with suggested order of steps, 2 email check-ins, extra speaking resources.

Speak English Fluently!

Hi! I’m Clare, an English teacher and the founder of this site.

I can help you speak English more easily! Start here for English fluency:
The Fast Phrase Finder – The world’s FIRST spreadsheet of fluency phrases. Get your first 10 English fluency phrases here!