English Courses And Programs

Speak English fluently with the English Fluency Club!

It isn’t always easy to find opportunities to speak English. This is why I created the English Fluency Club – a place where you get ALL you need to speak English confidently and fluently.

* Live speaking practice in small groups (regular speaking helps you get fluent naturally)
* TWO complete fluency programs with Study Guides (get my popular self-study programs with conversation phrases)
* Grammar and pronunciation video tutorials (to improve your overall English level)
* The Fast Phrase Finder (get the world’s first spreadsheet of 250+ phrases to use in everyday situations)
* a private lesson with me (schedule any time you want!)

Live Group Lessons

Come to four lessons every month to practise your speaking and listening. I send you the lessons before so you have time to prepare.
What to expect…
Learn and use new vocabulary and phrases
Take part in conversations in a small group (we talk about our lives, experiences and opinions)
Get feedback on all areas of your speaking, including grammar and pronunciation
Speak with people from around the world

The live group lessons are optional, but they will make you feel more confident when you speak!

2 Complete Fluency Programs

Get videos, dialogues, vocabulary and quizzes for everyday English situations. You’ll have all the fluency phrases – the phrases that English speakers use all the time – to help you make conversations easily.
‘Speak Real English’ is the fluency program for elementary to intermediate level
‘Real English Conversations’ is the fluency program for intermediate plus level.

No time for self-study?
Get all the fluency phrases in your exclusive spreadsheet, the Fast Phrase Finder!
Use the spreadsheet to find exactly the right phrase you need for the conversation. It also includes useful replies and examples.

BONUS: Private Lesson

Your chance to speak to me in our own lesson. You can practise anything from the fluency programs – or use the time to speak with me about anything else. Schedule any time you want!

Flexible And Convenient!

Choose from 3 membership levels.
The English Fluency Club is flexible to your needs. You can choose the ‘full membership‘ option to include the group lessons and self-study programs. You can also choose the ‘personal coaching‘ option to get everything PLUS a coaching session every month.

What my students say!

“Live classes are great! It is wonderful to have such an opportunity to speak with people from different countries!”


“It’s helped me hold a conversation, add information and express my ideas much more confidently than before!”