Get To Advanced Level In English

5 Training Programs To Take You To Advanced English Level

Advanced English Pronunciation In 30 Days
Get a unique learning plan based on the sounds you find difficult. A simple 3-step process with personalised feedback to help you get an advanced English pronunciation in less than 30 days.
Sound charts, study plans, video training in all the sounds of English, PLUS individual help and support.

Advanced English Speaking In 100 Steps
The FIRST training system that gives you a 100-Step Checklist to show you exactly what to do to become an advanced English speaker.
The phrases, conversation skills, grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation that help you speak confidently and with impact.
2 Study Plans with a step-by-step sequence; 2 Email Check-Ins, AND four extra guides.
Get 5 coaching opportunities with the VIP Program!

Advanced English Vocabulary In 30 Days
The ONLY system that uses the Triple “A” (‘AAA’) method to give you short, 20-minute lessons.
Plus, 5 science-backed memorisation techniques, 5 vocabulary-building strategies + a 30-Day Study Plan.

10 Steps For Advanced English
Don’t know what to focus on for advanced English? This program gives you the ten most important areas to master. Get clear guidelines (rather than hundreds of rules and exceptions) and unlimited access to your personal grammar tutor to ask as many questions as you need!

Phrasal Verbs Masterclass
Master 700 phrasal verbs for business – in just 3 weeks – so that you can read and understand news articles quickly AND speak more naturally.
Get 3 workbooks with explanations, examples and quizzes.