Advanced English Conversations In 4 Steps

Welcome to Video 3 in the English Conversations Bootcamp!

This is where I show you how you can ALWAYS have something to say – and you’ll be able to say it in interesting and intelligent ways!

In this video, you’ll find out:

* how to use the Conversation STAR method in my new program “English In The News”

* how this program will help you speak easily in conversations – even if you don’t have much time

* why this program is so valuable if you want to be more confident

* what will happen if you DON’T join the program (this might surprise you!)

Video 3: English Conversation Bootcamp

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When you register for the English In The News Program, you’ll get a complete lesson on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for 3 weeks.

Complete Lesson

recent news story

vocabulary explanations

audio of vocabulary

conversation phrases (make comments, move conversation on, etc)

Great Results

unlimited feedback from me on your speaking

100% flexibility on when you work

post-program workbook

What’s The Value To You?

You’ll be confident that you’re speaking fluently and interestingly on a wide variety of conversation topics!

We start on Monday September 16!

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