Booking a Hotel Room in English

Here is some useful vocabulary to describe hotel rooms and facilities, and phrases to book a hotel room.

Types of room

double room = room with a double bed (for two people)
twin room = room with two beds
single room = room with one bed (for one person)
suite = more than one room (e.g. bedroom and living room
cot = a bed for a baby


fully-booked = no rooms available

Other facilities

ensuite bathroom = a bathroom attached to the bedroom
a safe = a box with a key where you put valuables (passport, jewellery, money etc)
a minibar = a small fridge with drinks inside such as coke, water, juice, wine
tea and coffee making facilities = a kettle (to boil water), cups, coffee, milk, sugar and tea sachets
(24-hour) room service = meals delivered to your room
laundry / dry cleaning service = your clothes can be washed for you
bar and restaurant = the hotel has a bar and a restaurant for drinks and meals
wifi = internet connection (pronounced wai – fai)
full English breakfast = big breakfast with toast, eggs, bacon, cereal, etc
continental breakfast = small breakfast with croissant, coffee, juice
a wake-up call = when the telephone rings to wake you up

Making the booking

Here are some phrases you can use on the phone to make a booking in English.

I’d like to book a (single / double / twin) room for two nights, please.
I’d like to make a reservation for a (single / double / twin) room for the night of (date), please.
(a reservation = a booking)

Do you have any double rooms left for the weekend?
Do you have any double rooms available this weekend?
(left = available)

How much is… a single room / a double room / a suite?

What time is check-in? (check-in = when you arrive and give your passport information)
What time is check-out? (when you leave and pay)
What time is breakfast?

Are all your rooms ensuite? (= with bathroom)
Is there wifi in the room?
Is there a lift? (life / elevator)

For more information, see our page, How to make a booking in English.

Practise your listening!

Now listen to six conversations about booking a hotel room. You can also read the tapescript as you listen.

Conversation 1

Conrad Hotel, good morning.
Hello. I’d like to book a room.
Putting you through…

Conversation 2

Good morning, Oxford Hotel.
Hello. How much is a double room please?
£100 per night.

Conversation 3

Good morning. Do you have any rooms left for the weekend?
Let me see…

Conversation 4

I’d like to book a room for the weekend.
Single, double or twin?
Double, please.

Conversation 5

I’d like to book a double room for Saturday.
I’m afraid we’re fully booked.
Oh, I see.

Conversation 6

I’d like to book a single room, please.
How many nights?

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