Managing your house in English

If you need to employ someone for a particular service (such as a babysitter, gardener, electrician or plumber) here are some useful phrases.

Asking about availability

Are you (Would you be) available to babysit / do some gardening / come and check our boiler tomorrow?
Do you have any time this week to come round and check…?
I’m afraid I have an urgent problem with the wiring. Can you possibly send someone round?

Defining the work or service

We need someone to come round three times a week to keep the garden tidy.
I’m looking for someone who can look after the children for two evenings a week.
I think there’s a problem with the plumbing of the washing machine.
Do you fix boilers?

Asking about pay

How much do you usually charge for an hour’s babysitting / work?
How much is the call-out fee?
(Some professionals, like plumbers etc, charge a flat fee to come round to your house, before they do any work)
Do you have an hourly rate?

Saying how much you can pay

Well, I can pay you ….. per evening / per hour.
How does …. sound to you?
Would you be happy with …?
Does …. sound fair to you?

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