Demonstration And Protests

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen worldwide demonstrations which started after a black man was murdered by a white policeman in the USA. These protests have been the biggest in more than 50 years.

Here are some useful phrases and collocations to describe the protests.


stand up for = protect something / someone
“stand up for your rights”

take a stand against = act against something
“Many people are taking a stand against racism.”

stand up against = take a stand against
“stand up against racial injustice”

stand shoulder to shoulder = support someone
“stand shoulder to shoulder with the black community”


fight = try to destroy
“They’re fighting prejudice / bigotry / discrimination.”

fight for = try to get something
“Protesters are fighting for racial equality / gender equality.”

fight against = fight (also noun)
“People are fighting against injustice.”
“The fight against injustice has been going on for many years.”


take action = do something
“People across the USA have taken action against police brutality.”

take to the streets = demonstrate
“Groups of people have taken to the streets to demand an end to racism.”

take a / the knee = to kneel on one knee (often during the national anthem) as a form of protest
“Some black American athletes took the knee to protest against racism.”


protest against = demonstrate against
“People are protesting against police brutality.”

peaceful protest = a protest without violence
“There have been peaceful protests in many cities.”

a protester = someone who protests
“More than a thousand protesters marched through London.”


Black Lives Matter = This is also the name of a movement to raise awareness of inequality and racism

Enough is Enough = To say we have experienced enough of a bad thing and that it must now stop

Silence is Violence = To mean that if you don’t stand up against something (if you remain silent) you are also guilty of racism

Together We Stand = To say that we are fighting together to get change

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