English Conversation: Typical Replies

How can you reply to someone in an English conversation? Learn these typical replies so that you sound more natural when you speak English!

We sometimes call these natural phrases and ways of replying “fixed phrases” or “lexical chunks”. They’re phrases that we automatically use in an English conversation, so using them yourself will make you sound more like a native English speaker!

Here are some common ones.

You’re welcome = a typical way to reply to “Thank you”. Other phrases which mean the same are “My pleasure”, “Not at all” or “Don’t mention it”.

Here you are! = what you say when you give someone something. You hear this in shops a lot, when the assistant gives you change, or your bag of shopping.

Rightaway / Straightaway = this phrase means “Immediately”. If someone asks you to do something, you can say this phrase to mean that you will do it now.

Not again! = say this if something bad has happened another time.

I think so = if someone asks you to clarify something, you can say “I think so” to say “yes”. For example: “Are you going to the party tonight?” or “Is this his book?”, you can reply “I think so” to mean “yes”.

I suppose so = say this if you reluctantly agree to someone else’s request. For example, “Can I borrow your car?” – “I suppose so”.

Fair enough = when you think someone’s reply or opinion is justified.

You’re kidding! = say this when you don’t believe the other person and you’re surprised. You can also say “You’re joking” or “You’re having me on!”

The usual = this is a useful expression if you want to reply to someone’s question about what you did (for example at the weekend) and to say that you did the usual things.

Tell me about it! = If you say ”Tell me about it!” you mean that you completely understand the other person, because the same thing is happening to you.

I told you so! = We say ”I told you so!” when something we already said is confirmed by another person. This phrase is often used more by children / teenagers than adults.

Typical Replies

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