Grammar Exercise: Adverbs

Take a look at our page on adjectives and adverbs, then check your knowledge with this quick review and quiz.

Two adverb forms
Work hard / Study hard = work or study a lot
Hardly = almost none (“I have hardly any money.”)

Arrive late / get somewhere late = not on time
Lately = recently (“There have been some complaints lately.”)

Linking verbs
After some verbs (such as look, seem, feel) use the adjective rather than the adverb form.

Good / well
Good = adjective; well = adverb.
But remember, after verbs such as ”look”, use the adjective form. ”You look good in that colour” = ”That colour suits you”. ”You look well” = ”You look healthy’.

Adjectives ending -ly
Some words like friendly, silly, lovely are adjectives. To make the adverb, use this structure:
In a (adjective) way: “in a friendly way”, “in a silly way”.

The adverb ”actually” doesn’t mean ”now”, but we use it before we contradict someone or change the conversation. To mean ”now” use ”at the moment” or ”currently”.


Choose the correct answer.