Grammar Exercise: Time Words

When do you use since, for, ago, until, etc? These time words can be difficult to use accurately. Check your understanding with this quick review and quiz!

Use ‘ago’ to talk about the period of time between now and when something happened in the past.

Use ‘last’ with a time reference (last week, last month, last year).

Use ‘for’ with a period of time. You can use it to talk about periods of time in the past, present and future:
“I lived there for five years.” (past)
“I’m here for a week.” (present)
“I’m going on holiday for two weeks.” (future)

Use ‘during’ to talk about something that happened in a period of time. (Don’t use ‘during’ with numbers: ‘for six weeks’, not ‘during six weeks’.)

Use “since” with a point in time. (Since Tuesday, since last week, since 4pm, etc)

Use ‘until’ to mean ‘up to a particular time’. (“I’m here until the weekend”, “I’ll be in the office until 5pm”.)

From, to
Use ‘from …. to’ to talk about the beginning and end of a period of time. (“I’ll be here from 10am to 3pm.”)

Use “once” for “one time” and “twice” for “two times”.

Time Words

Choose the correct answer.