Memory and Vocabulary Collocations

Here are some common collocations for memory and vocabulary.

When you know these collocations, you’ll be able to build sentences quicker – making you more fluent!

You can have a good memory, or a poor / bad memory. Some people even claim to have a photographic memory (where they can remember words or numbers as if they took a photo of them.)

We also talk about childhood memories, and our earliest memory.

Someone who remembers things well can have a memory like an elephant – they never forget! Alternatively, you can have a memory like a sieve, because things keep falling out of it.

Are you better at remembering names or faces? You can say that you never forget a face. But if you can’t quite remember something (name / word) you can say that it’s on the tip of your tongue.


You can have a large, extensive, wide or rich vocabulary. (All good to have!) Or you can have a poor, small, narrow or limited vocabulary.

Memory And Vocabulary Collocations

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