Phone Collocations in English

We have lots of collocations and fixed expressions for making phone calls in English.

Here are a few phone collocations for you to think about before you take the quiz!

When you speak on the phone, do you have a more formal “telephone voice“, or do you sound the same?
As well as a mobile phone, do you also have a landline? (Maybe you use this for international calls.)
Has your phone ever been disconnected because you didn’t pay the phone bill?
Do you get irritated if the person you want to speak to is always engaged?
Is your home number listed in the phone directory? (Or are you “ex-directory”?)
Do you always hang up when you hear a recorded message?
Are there things that you don’t discuss over the phone?

Now see how many more phone collocations you already know – good luck!

Phone Collocations

Choose the correct answer.