Phrases for Business Letters and Emails

Decide which word is correct in these common phrases for business letters and emails.

Review of business phrases

At your earliest convenience = ”as soon as possible”.

Due to unforeseen circumstances… = You write ”Due to unforeseen circumstances” when you want to explain why something (bad) happened. You’re saying that this bad thing wasn’t your fault, and that it was caused by events you couldn’t predict.

Just to let you know = an informal phrase to start an email when you want to give some information

Please accept our apologies for… = You write ”Please accept our apologies for” when you want to apologise for a mistake you made.

Please be advised that… = quite a formal way to give information in a letter or email.

Please find enclosed = you have included something with your letter. (We write ”Please find attached” when we have an attachment to an email.)

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you = Writing ”inconvenience” rather than ”problem” minimises the problem

We are pleased to announce = If you announce something in a letter, you are making information public.

Without further delay = you should so something immediately

Phrases For Business Letters

Choose the correct answer.