Speaking Exercise: Ending A Conversation

How can you end a conversation politely? Here are some phrases you can use to leave a conversation in different situations.

With a friend
“I’d better go” (= I had better go)
“I really ought to go.”
“Gosh, is that the time?”
“I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to dash off!” (dash off = hurry and go)
Phrase like “I’d better go” are good because they are neutral and they don’t give too much detail. ”Great to chat” refers back to the conversation.

With your boss
“Was there anything else you wanted to discuss?” This is a polite way to bring the conversation to an end.

At a party
“I’m just going to get something to drink / something to eat.” This is a good phrase if you want to leave the conversation for a while.

At a work event
“There’s somebody I need to talk to. Would you mind if I went to say a word?”
“It’s been very interesting talking to you, but I ought to go and circulate!” (circulate = go and talk to other people)
It’s polite to give a reason when you leave a person (for example, that you need to go and talk to another person). ”Would you mind if…” is a polite way to ask for permission. (You need to follow it with the past tense – ”would you mind if I went…”)

If you’re the host, you can say:
“It was lovely to chat to you. Is there anyone else I can introduce you to?”

In a bank / other customer-facing place
“OK. Thanks very much for your help. Bye!” This is a good way to end the conversation and to show the other person that you don’t need to do any other business.

Ending A Conversation

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