Speaking Exercise: Making Dates

What can you say when you want to make an arrangement to see a friend?

Here are some common phrases for making dates.

Asking if someone is free
You can start the conversation with:
“Are you free on Saturday?” or
“What are you doing on Saturday?” or
“What are you up to on Saturday?” / “Are you up to anything at the weekend?”

Asking if someone wants to meet
You can also ask:
“Would you like to do something on Saturday?” or
“Do you fancy doing something / going out on Saturday?”

Agreeing a time and place
Here are some phrases for making the date:

“Lets meet at 2pm.”
“How about meeting at 2pm?”
“Shall we meet at 2pm?”

If your friend agrees, you can say:
“Great – I’ll see you then / I’ll see you later!”

Making Dates

Choose the correct answer.