Speaking Exercise: Talking About Future Plans

Take a look at our page on using the correct tense to talk about future plans in English, and read the notes.

Tenses we use to talk about the future

We usually use the ”going to” future to talk about things that we have decided.
We often use ”will” to talk about things that will happen in the future: ”Next year I will be 30 years old’.
We also tend to use ”going to” in conversation as it can sound less formal than ”will”.

Phrases we use to talk about future plans

”What are you up to?” is a very common question to ask someone about their plans. You can also ask ”What did you get up to?” to ask someone about what they did (during their weekend / holiday, etc).
”It looks like…” (followed by a noun or a clause) is a good way to show that something is likely – but not yet 100% sure.

You can also ask someone: ”What are your plans for…?” or ”What are you planning to do … (this summer)?”

When you aren’t sure about your future plans

There are lots of phrases we can use:
”I’m not 100% sure” is a common way to say that you haven’t got definite plans.
“I’m thinking of / about …” Use this is you haven’t yet decided. (Remember, after a preposition like ”of” or ”about” you need a noun or a gerund.)
“I’m playing with the idea of …” Use this to show that you are still considering the idea (you haven’t yet decided).
“I’m torn between …” We say either ”I’m torn between” or ”I can’t choose between” (X and Y) to show we have two alternatives. (”Torn” is the past participle of the verb ”to tear”.)
“I’m hoping to …” When you say ”I’m hoping to…” you show that you aren’t completely certain that it will happen. You sound more modest about your plans for the future.

Future Plans

Choose the correct answer.