Vocabulary Exercise: Books And Reading

Take a look at our page on describing stories in English, then check out the vocabulary and quiz below!

Types of books

Here are some types of books:

novel = a full-length book
There are different types of novels: romances (books about love), thrillers (books where something dangerous happens), mysteries (books where you need to find a secret – often about crimes), sci-fi (science fiction), etc

biography = a book written about a person

autobiography = a book that you write about yourself

memoirs = a book where you write about your experiences

fiction = a book which is invented

non-fiction = a book which is based on real life (textbooks, “how-to” books, reference books, etc)

Describing books

Every book has a title (name) and an author (the person who wrote it). Books are divided into chapters (parts of the book) and you might also find illustrations (pictures or other graphic elements).

The first time a book is published is the “first edition”. Some first editions of famous books can be very expensive to buy.

The story of the book is called the “plot”, and the people in the book are called “characters”. Their conversations are “dialogues”.

Books and Reading

Choose the correct answer.