Vocabulary Exercise: Compound Nouns – Clothing

Check out our vocabulary page on clothes and shoes, then see how much you remember!

Compound nouns with “coat”
You can wear a raincoat (when it rains), an overcoat (a thick coat for winter) or a winter coat (in winter).

Compound nouns with “suit”
When you play sports, you can wear a tracksuit.

Compound nouns with “dress”
Women can wear an evening dress (a formal, floor-length dress) in formal events. There’s also a summer dress, and a “little black dress” – a type of cocktail dress.

Compound nouns for beach wear
When you go swimming, you can wear swimming trunks (men) or a swimming costume (women).

Compound nouns for “shirt”
When it’s warm, you can wear a T-shirt, while in colder weather you can wear a sweatshirt.

Compound Nouns – Clothing

Choose the correct answer.