Vocabulary Exercise: Personal Grooming And Hygiene

What things can you do to look clean and smart? Here are some useful verbs to describe your grooming and hygiene routines.

Wash = use soap and water to clean. For example, “wash your hands”.
Scrub = use soap and water and a hard brush to clean off dirt.
Shower = stand under hot running water

Brush = use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean your teeth.
Floss = use a fine piece of string (“floss) to clean between teeth
Whiten = use a special product to make your teeth whiter

Cut = make shorter with a pair of scissors
File = make shorter with a metal file or “emery board”
Clip = use a metal clipper to make them shorter

Cut = make shorter with scissors
Trim = use scissors to cut a small amount of hair so that it looks neat and even
Dye = put in colour
Touch up = put some colour over the roots of your hair
Pluck = take out one hair
Wax = use wax to remove hair
Shave = use a razor to remove hair
Comb / Brush = make your hair tidy by combing / brushing it

Dryclean = clean your clothes with chemicals, rather than water
Polish = put polish on your shoes to make them shine
Iron = use a hot iron to make your clothes smooth

Personal Grooming

Choose the correct answer.