Vocabulary Exercise: Summer Holidays

Check out our vocabulary pages on Planning a holiday and English vocabulary for the beach, and these summer collocations!

Collocations with “sun”
Sunshine = when it’s sunny
Suntan = when your skin goes brown in the sun
Sun lounger = the “bed” you lie on to get a suntan on the beach
Sunbed = the bed you lie on in a salon to get a suntan

Collocations with “guide”
Tour guide = the person who takes you on a tour of a city or museum
Guide book = a book that tells you all about a country or city
Guide dog = a dog that helps blind people

Collocations with “agent”
estate agent = someone who sells houses
travel agent = someone who sells holidays
literary agent = someone who helps authors find a publisher

Collocations with “holiday”
package holiday = a holiday where you pay for the flights and hotel together
summer holiday = a holiday you take in summer
bank holiday = a public holiday in the UK

Summer Holidays

Choose the correct answer.