Advanced English Vocabulary: Marketing Verbs

The next time you see an English advert, look at the language. You’ll find lots of marketing verbs and other “strong” vocabulary. These words attract a customer’s attention because they are strong and persuasive.

Here are some typical English marketing verbs and other words. You can also use them when you want to strengthen what you say or write, or when you want a customer to buy from you.

See the difference between the stronger verb or word (in bold) and the equivalent, normal word.

English Marketing Verbs

to discover (instead of “learn” or “find out”)
“Discover why ABC product is the most popular.”

to grab (instead of “get”)
“Grab your copy of my newest book.”

to steal (instead of “copy” or “take”)
“Steal the London look with this fantastic mascara.”

to banish (instead of “end” or “get rid of”)
“Banish cat hairs from your furniture with the new ABC product.”

to reveal (instead of “show”)
“I reveal my secrets for beautiful hair.”

to secure (instead of “get” or “buy”)
“Secure your dream home in this new development.”

English Marketing Adjectives

proven / foolproof (instead of “tested”)
“A proven formula to remove stains.”
“A foolproof Christmas recipe.”

powerful (instead of “strong”)
“A powerful strategy to make you feel more confident in public speaking.”

instant (instead of “now”)
“Get instant relief from insect bites.”

huge (instead of “big”)
“Make huge savings on smart TVs.”

amazing (instead of “good”)
“The amazing hair-loss remedy which works with all hair types.”

authentic (instead of “real”)
“The authentic curry sauce which you can only get from our store.”

What Words Attract Customers?

flash sale = a short period of time when you offer a sale
“Tomorrow only – flash sale of rugs and carpets.”

last chance = the last opportunity to get something
“It’s your last chance to get tickets at a 20% discount.”

complimentary = free
“Get your complimentary copy of the inflight magazine.”

exclusive = available for only a few people
“This offer is exclusive to our existing customers.”

limited = available only in small numbers or for a short time
“This offer is valid for a limited time only.”

guarantee / guaranteed = when there are promises
“You get a 30-day money-back guarantee.”

ultimate = the best of its kind
“The ultimate in luxury.”

premium = the highest quality
“Your cat will love the new premium range.”

formula = method
“Here’s our new formula for perfect nails.”

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