Improve your English speaking quickly and easily!

You can improve your spoken English even when you don’t have time to study at a school. We’ve joined up with “English Out There”, the first school which teaches English through social networking, to offer you an ebook course which will help you improve your speaking – easily, quickly and cheaply!

How the course works – the preparation stage

There are six levels, starting from beginner and going up to advanced. Each level contains about 60 hours of structured and focused self-study lessons and worksheets. These lessons will help prepare you and make you more confident for real conversations with people.

How the course works – the practice stage

Use the lessons and worksheets to practise what you have learned by speaking with other people. (See below “How to find conversation partners”)

This is a key part of the course. By using new knowledge with other people, you’ll make what you learn more personal, more memorable – and more social. You’ll find it easier to remember the language again in the future, and you’ll feel more confident because you can take part in real-life conversations. Confidence is vital to become a better English speaker.

Hear how the English Out There course helped a student

Listen to Jane, a 27 year old Chinese learner, in a recording from an English Out There lesson. Although she’d studied English for 16 years, you can hear that she sounds quite nervous.

Now listen to her again. You can hear the amazing improvement after only six lessons – about 18 hours of study. Jane is chatting about buying a lottery ticket and she sounds completely different – more confident and more fluent.

Each ebook costs £5. You can also buy all six ebooks at a specially reduced price of £25.

What’s in the course

The six levels are:

Beginner (available with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish instructions as well as English)
Elementary (available with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish instructions as well as English)

To help you choose the best course for your speaking level, read the course description. You can also click on the course overview so you can see exactly what you will learn.

In addition, at every level you get:

Social media kit (messages you can copy and paste to help you find friendly online practice partners

Copy kit (with this you can copy and paste parts of the lesson worksheets and send them to your practice partners. Doing this means they can help you use the language you’ve studied.)

Audio files are also available at Beginner, Elementary and Intermediate levels.

How to find conversation partners

You don’t need to pay for conversation classes to practise English! We recommend these ways to find friendly English speaking practice partners.

In person (great if you’re already in an English-speaking country). Our tip: use a phrase like “Hello, I’m learning English, can I ask you a few questions?” Then, use the English Out There printable worksheets which give you good conversation starters.

Conversation clubs (everywhere in the world!) If you can’t find a local Meet Up, start your own.

Online (make it even easier by using the ‘Social Media Tools’ PDF that comes with all the ebooks, or the copy and paste text to introduce yourself in text chat or emails). Use Facebook or a language exchange like The Mixxer, italki or Verbling to find a friendly English speaker and start practising.

Bonus tip: Always record your online practice conversations and listen again a few times.

Find out more about the course here