At the airport

If you take a flight from an airport in an English-speaking country, you’re likely to hear some of these phrases.

Checking in

Did you pack these bags yourself?
Have you left these bags unattended?
Does the luggage belong to you?
Have you been with your bags the whole time?
Has anyone given you anything to take on the flight?
How many bags do you have to check in?
Do you have any hand luggage?
Are you carrying any restricted items?

Can I see your passport?
Would you like an aisle seat or a window seat? (aisle = next to the corridor)

Your gate number is … and your flight boards at …. (gate number = the numbered area of the airport where your flight leaves from)

Going through security

You need to put your hand luggage through the x-ray machine. Some items cannot be taken on board as hand luggage (such as knives, aerosol cans etc.) As you pass through security, you may set off the alarm. When this happens, the airport personnel search you.

In the departure lounge

When you pass through security, and before you board your flight, you can wait in the departure lounge. At international airports there is duty free shopping, where you can buy goods without paying taxes.

Airport announcements

Please proceed to gate number… (proceed = go to)
In a few moments we will be calling all passengers with priority boarding.
Please have your boarding card ready for inspection

At The Airport

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