English Names for Household Objects

Here are some useful English collective nouns and words to describe containers and storage.

bunch = describing things that are fastened or which grow together: a bunch of flowers, keys, bananas, grapes

set = a complete number: plates, forks, glasses, saucepans etc

(Also: a boxed set / the complete set of CDs / DVDs, etc.

collection of CDs / DVDs

basket = open container, often made of wicker (dried, plaited reed): a bread basket, laundry basket (to put dirty clothes while they are waiting to go into the washing machine), a wastepaper basket

rack = something horizontal (either a pole or a shelf) supported at either end: a clothes rack, wine rack, shoe rack

row = a number of things in a line: a row of hooks (for coats, etc)

pile / stack = one on top of another: a pile of papers, books, magazines etc

bowl = round pot made of glass, china or wood: fruit bowl, sugar bowl (or bowl of fruit)

jar = glass container with a lid: coffee jar, jam jar, jar of pasta, etc

box = square container with a lid, made of cardboard: box of chocolates, cereal, etc

tube = long and narrow, where the contents must be squeezed out: tube of toothpaste

bar = flat and rectangular: bar of soap, chocolate

roll = for paper: toiletpaper / loo paper, kitchen roll

can = anything in a sealed metal tin: can of coke, can of baked beans, can of tuna

tin = metal container: tin of cat food, tin of tuna

pair = things that come in twos: a pair of socks, shoes, boots, sandals, trousers, shorts, etc