5 Skills For Advanced English Speaking

What do you need to be an advanced English speaker? I asked my Twitter followers in a quick poll, and their answers were interesting.

Being an advanced English speaker is MUCH MORE than just knowing the right phrases! Here are the five things that you need.

Conversation Skills

How do you even start a conversation in English? It’s easier with people you know, but very often you’ll need to start a conversation with someone you don’t know. What words do you use? What subjects do you talk about?

Then how do you end the conversation smoothly? Starting and ending a conversation are just two skills you need to be an advanced English speaker, but there are many other which will help you “navigate” through a conversation with ease and grace.

Advanced Grammar & Vocabulary

One of the ways to identify an advanced English speaker is through vocabulary. At an advanced level, you’ll need to know a range of words and phrases to give you flexibility and precision when you speak. There are lots of ways to build your vocabulary – including both long-term methods as well as short vocabulary-expanding activities. (Check out my course Advanced English Vocabulary In 30 Days if you want to double your vocabulary in as little as a month.)

You’re likely to have a good understanding of grammar at advanced level, but when you speak at this level, you’ll probably also use some more advanced grammar features, such as elision and “fronting” for emphasis. (“What I want to tell you is…” is an example of fronting.) In fact, there’s a whole area of “spoken grammar” which will make you sound more natural in conversation.

Excellent Pronunciation

When you’re an advanced English speaker, pronunciation is much more than accurate sounds. In fact, your pronunciation helps to give meaning to what you say. We often see this in intonation, for example, where the pitch of your voice (high or low, rising or falling) shows your attitude and feeling about what you’re saying. Actors use their voices all the time for expression – and this is what advanced English speakers do, as well!


Advanced English speakers are confident about their vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. But there’s more as well. At this stage, your confidence comes from your “authority”. You already have this in your own language, but imagine being able to deliver a great presentation in English, or to know which words to use to get the action you want from another person.

Being confident is the difference between reacting to what someone says, to managing or directing a conversation.

Advanced English Speaking Phrases

Phrases are the “building blocks” of our conversations. In fact, “fluency phrases” are what help you to speak English fluently – without hesitating or translating.

At advanced English speaking level, you know many more of these, for every possible situation – from saying “hello” to giving your opinion; but also in more challenging situations, such as making a phone call or managing a meeting.

Advanced English Speaking: Your 100-Step Checklist

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